ŌNOX Super Sprayer® 

(US Patent 4,170,046)

The ŌNOX Super Sprayer® is a tough, effective, foot operated dispenser that is activated by pressing down on the extended foot bar. It is designed for ŌNOX Foot Solution® application in public shower rooms.

In this page you will also find the Super Sprayer repair kit information. 

Super Sprayer® Repair Kits

39021 Spray Head Module 

The base module of the Super 


39024 Foot Bar Module 

The foot bar module with instructions.

39027 ABS Cover Module

ABS module with instructions.

39023 Base module 

Base module with instructions.

39025 Reservoir Module

Reservoir module with


ŌNOX Super Sprayer® Warranty Statement

(Updated Jan. 12, 2017)

ŌNOX provides two-year warranty for the ŌNOX Super Sprayer® with the following conditions:
  • Warranty is from the date of shipment.
  • Warranty covers hardware. Customer needs to contact ŌNOX's customer services at [email protected] or call or fax to our office to obtain the return address information. Customers are responsible for shipping expense both to ŌNOX and from ŌNOX.
  • Customer will be responsible for expenses related to shipping and handling including but not limit to packaging and insurances. Please keep the original box, foam, and wrapping. 
  • The Super Sprayer must have serial number visible at all time. ŌNOX validates warranty before making any repairs.
  • ŌNOX waives labor charges for all units under warranty.
  • ŌNOX will charge a $14.99 administration fee for each repaired and re-shipped unit.
  • Warranty is voided if the malfunction was due to accident, purchaser’s abuse, or neglect or failure.