How do ŌNOX products protect your hand, foot and skin?

Daily application of our products will make your hand, foot, and skin healthier!

Hand Health

Many jobs make hands rough, red and sore. Sometimes even painful. Anyone who works with industrial or chemical irritants is bound to have problems with their hands. Just by doing your job, your hands, unless they are properly cared for, can become sore and even infected.

ŌNOX Protective Hand Cream (Product ID 38910, 38920, 38930) heals cracked hands while it protects your skin. Unlike ordinary hand creams, ŌNOX Cream is formulated specially to protect against chemical and industrial irritants. It guards the skin’s vital acid mantle, while its natural pH formula helps heal rough, cracked, sore hands.


Foot Health - Athlete's Foot

You don’t catch Athlete’s Foot…It catches you!

Athlete’s Foot comes from a fungus, not a germ, and the spores are everywhere. They don’t attack strong skin, like the skin on your hands. But they thrive on the soft dead skin between your toes. Just wearing shoes creates the kind of dark, damp, airless climate that weakens your skins and provides a playground for Athlete’s Foot fungus. 

 It takes much longer to kill the athlete’s foot fungus by boiling than it does for germs. And the disinfectants sometimes used for athlete’s foot control have to be harsh to be effective. That’s most of the products in the market. Some medical professionals state that strong disinfectants cause skin tissue to weaken, thus making it easier for the fungus to attack. These products may kill the fungus but omnipresent fungus spores can spread faster on weakened skin. 



How does ŌNOX assist your foot to repair damaged tissue?

ŌNOX Foot Solution is not a medicine, nor a drug, nor a harsh fungicide. It absorbs excess moisture that is needed for fungus to grow and toughens foot skin. That achieves two goals: prevent the fungus to grow and makes your skin healthier.

ŌNOX works with the body to repair damaged tissue. Its drying action and retardation of perspiration are critical. It creates the undesirable environment for fungi, absorbs excessive moisture, and toughens your skin. Your foot will be healthier. Embarrassing foot odor is also gone with the ring worms.